Language Instruction Initial Consultation


An initial consultation with Education Associates, LP is the first step to achieving better, more productive results. Language instruction needs vary from client to client. Education Associates, LP’s no-risk initial consultation starts you in the right direction.

The internet has opened up a world of choices that the average consumer may find intimidating. We are often confronted with a list of daily concerns and frustrations:  How do I know which product or service is right for me Where can I go for trusted advice and guidance? Can I talk to a real person? How much will it cost?

Choosing a program of study and locating support services that work for you can be an even grater challenge. As a language learner, you may be faced with some very serious concerns:

    • How many hours of instruction do I need?
    • Where do I get a book?
    • How many days a week will I attend online class?
    • What time are classes?
    • Where can I enroll for regular language classes?
    • Do I have to take out a loan?
    • I am having problems with the enrollment process. Can Education Associates, LP help?

If these concerns sound familiar, an initial language instruction consultation with Education Associates, LP is a good place to start. The one-time $50.00 fee will be applied toward additional language instruction services with Education Associates, LP.

Please visit the Language Instruction Initial Consultation product page to submit your request.