Curriculum Design


Professional and experienced guidance to help you design or redesign the curricula and training material for businesses, educational institutes & learning centers, or technical training & call centers.

A curriculum is the collected courses of study at a school, college, or learning institute.

A syllabus is an outline of the main points of a course in a curriculum.

Instructional Design is the systematic process of designing, developing, and delivering education and training materials.

Before effective teaching and learning or training can take place, administrators, employers, and instructors must agree on learning objectives. Good lesson plans follow from a well-designed and focused syllabus; and a good syllabus follows from a well-designed curriculum.

Technology has increased the pace of growth in industry and commerce, and those changes are mirrored in education. Education Associates, LP offers support and guidance in designing syllabi or curricula directly or in consultation with schools, language institutes, government agencies, or businesses. We ensure quality content by using sound instructional design methods so your organization can maximize the benefit of quality training and education.

Education Associates, LP offers curriculum design services in three areas:

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Note: Education Associates, LP offers competitive market rates for its professional services. Curriculum design contracts differ from client to client and contract to contract.

As a result, Education Associates, LP suggests that you request a Curriculum Design Initial Consultation prior to purchasing any of our services. Our one-time, non-refundable $50.00 consultation fee will be applied toward any consulting services your organization ultimately agrees to purchase from Education Associates, LP.

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