Writing and Editing Initial Consultation

$50.00 applicable toward purchase of additional services


An initial consultation to determine how Education Associates, LP can help with your writing and editing needs.

All professional organizations must have well-written documentation and correspondence to ensure success. Sometimes these tasks can overwhelm even the most highly skilled staffs.

If you would like an objective third party to write, edit, or proofread documentation for your business, Education Associates, LP can help. A good first step is to request an initial consultation:

  1.  Submit your request for a Writing and Editing Initial Consultation by placing an order in the cart above.
  2. When Education Associates, LP receives your order, we will send a confirmation email asking for details about your writing project.
  3. After you reply, we will send you our recommendation and an estimate.
  4. Our one-time non-refundable $50.00 initial consultation fee can be applied toward any of the writing or editing services you decide to purchase.