Freelance Blog and Article Writing

$0.18 per word


The proliferation of digital and web-based desktop publishing apps, social media-based advertising, and information-driven websites have placed professional quality writing skills in greater demand than ever. Education Associates, LP provides professional, high-quality freelance blog and article writing for a variety of businesses and professional purposes.

The writers at Education Associates, LP have experience writing, editing, and formatting articles, books, e-books, and more.  If you are in the market for fiction, non-fiction, research-based expository writing, or landing pages and web copy, our freelance block and article writing service will generate polished, engaging pieces to keep your audience coming back.

  • Non-fiction books and e-books on virtually any topic:
    • Psychology
    • Health and fitness
    • Business, money, and accounting
    • Personal hobbies and interests
  • Landing pages for virtually any type of website:
    • Home improvement
    • Construction
    • Sports
    • Popular culture
  • Blog pages and articles for professional sites:
    • Law firms
    • Financial services firms
    • Schools and universities
    • Government agencies and service companies
  • Custom contracts:
    • Sometimes your business or venture may have unique gaps with no specific quick-fix. When cookie-cutter approaches fall short, Education Associates, LP can tailor a solution to get you back up and running.


18 cents (USD 0.18) per word.

Standard page (250 words):

  • 8.5×11″ or A4
  • Times New Roman 12-point font
  • Double-spaced

To order, please indicate the number of words you have allocated for your document. (If you are unsure, use the standard page definition to estimate. For example, a ten-page document is 2,500 words–250 words per page x 10 pages).

When Education Associates, LP receives your order, we will send a confirmation email asking for more information and providing instructions for sending the details of your documentation.

Note: Education Associates, LP offers competitive market rates for its professional services. Writing and editing contracts differ from client to client and contract to contract. As a result, Education Associates, LP suggests that you request a Writing and Editing Initial Consultation to determine how you would like Education Associates, LP to help.

Our one-time, non-refundable $50.00 consultation fee can be applied toward any writing or editing services you decide to purchase. Please see our Writing and Editing Initial Consultation page for more information.