Curriculum Evaluation for Technical Purposes

$50.00 per hour


Education Associates, LP will consult with your training team to design an effective Evaluation program.

Evaluation is the key to recognizing success and sustaining performance. Maybe you have redesigned your business model and rebranded your company’s image, and now you are ready to enjoy the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Before you reach your goal, you will have to consider how you intend to get there:

  • Have you determined a baseline as a standard of comparison?
  • Have you identified timelines to ensure you reach your goals and objectives?
  • How will you know if you consistently hit your new benchmarks?
  • How can you determine what needs fixing when you fall short?
  • How will you address problems when they arise so you can continue to move forward?

The evaluation phase measures performance improvements. A quality evaluation program provides documentation of how new or newly designed training programs help you achieve the goals you establish during the analysis phase.

Exit exams, surveys, interviews, and comparisons of before-and-after performance measures offer effective measurements of a training program’s success. Education Associates, LP also provides long-term evaluation consulting to measure changes over several fiscal periods.

To request an evaluation:

  1. Using the product link above, indicate how many hours you have allocated for the evaluation of your project.
  2. When Education Associates, LP receives your order, we will send you a confirmation email requesting additional information.
  3. We will respond to your reply with our recommended schedule.

Note: If you are unsure how Education Associates, LP can help you with your training needs, consider a Curriculum Design Initial Consultation. Our one-time, non-refundable $50.00 assessment fee will be applied toward any consulting services your organization ultimately agrees to purchase from Education Associates, LP. Please see our Curriculum Design Initial Consultation page for more details.